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Conversation: 004-099

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Start Date: 9-Jun-1971 4:04 PM

End Date: 9-Jun-1971 4:17 PM


Nixon, Richard M. (President)Shultz, George P.

Recording Device: White House Telephone

Full Tape Conversation Start Time: 03:26:58

Full Tape Conversation End Time: 03:39:44


NARA Description:

On June 9, 1971, President Richard M. Nixon and George P. Shultz talked on the telephone from 4:04 pm to 4:17 pm. The White House Telephone taping system captured this recording, which is known as Conversation 004-099 of the White House Tapes.

Nixon Library Finding Aid:

Conversation No. 4-99

Date: June 9, 1971
Time: 4:04 pm - 4:17 pm
Location: White House Telephone

The President talked with George P. Shultz.

[See Conversation No. 255-38C]

     Arthur F. Burns-Milton Friedman meeting, June 9

     Friedman's economic recommendations
          -Advice to the Federal Reserve Board [FRB]
          -Paul A. Samuelson's response

     Interest rates
           -Federal Reserve's policy
           -Money supply
           -View of John B. Connally, Paul W. McCracken

     Future Quadriad meeting
          -International monetary developments
                -Burns’ request for meeting
          -President's forthcoming conversation with H.R. (“Bob”) Haldeman

     National economy
          -Friedman's views
          -Samuelson's views re budget


                                      Tape Subject Log
                                        (rev. 10/08)

          -Congress and budget
               -Military pay
                     -Shultz's conversation with Ronald L. Ziegler, June 9
                     -Administration's position
                     -Gordon L. Allott's action
                           -Gates Commission
                     -Preparation for Clark MacGregor
               -Agricultural subsidies
               -Administration's possible responses
          -Prospects for 1972
               -Large deficits and more inflation
          -Forthcoming administration economic meeting
                     -John D. Ehrlichman, John N. Mitchell, Connally
                     -1973 budget

     Maurice H. Stans’ proposed mid-70's census
         -Effect on employment