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Conversation: 015-080

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Start Date: 21-Nov-1971 7:18 PM

End Date: 21-Nov-1971 7:35 PM


Nixon, Richard M. (President)White House operatorShultz, George P.

Recording Device: White House Telephone

Full Tape Conversation Start Time: 02:28:54

Full Tape Conversation End Time: 02:46:00


NARA Description:

On November 21, 1971, President Richard M. Nixon, White House operator, and George P. Shultz talked on the telephone from 7:18 pm to 7:35 pm. The White House Telephone taping system captured this recording, which is known as Conversation 015-080 of the White House Tapes.

Nixon Library Finding Aid:

Conversation No. 15-80

Date: November 21, 1971
Time: 7:18 pm - 7:35 pm
Location: White House Telephone

The President talked with the White House operator.

     George P. Shultz

The President talked with Shultz.

     Shultz's conversation with Frank E. Fitzsimmons


                                Tape Subject Log
                                  (rev. 10/06)

          -Reaction to George Meany
               -John T. Dunlop
               -News coverage
                     -Charles W. Colson
               -Pay Board
                     -John B. Connally's forthcoming press conference
                          -Previous meeting with Shultz

           -Coal miners and dock workers
                 -Taft-Hartley Act
                 -Arab states
           -Administration policy
           -Press treatment
           -Kenneth W. Dam
                 -Construction industry
                       -Government buildings
                 -Invitation to the President
     -Coal and dock strike settlement
     -Wage retroactivity
     -Pay Board
     -Coal strike
           -Arnold R. Weber
           -Gerald L. Warren
           -American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations
                 [AFL-CIO] delegates