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Conversation: 017-142

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Start Date: 2-Jan-1972 12:39 PM

End Date: 2-Jan-1972 12:48 PM


Nixon, Richard M. (President)Kissinger, Henry A.

Recording Device: White House Telephone

Full Tape Conversation Start Time: 05:10:58

Full Tape Conversation End Time: 05:20:04


NARA Description:

On January 2, 1972, President Richard M. Nixon and Henry A. Kissinger talked on the telephone from 12:39 pm to 12:48 pm. The White House Telephone taping system captured this recording, which is known as Conversation 017-142 of the White House Tapes.

Nixon Library Finding Aid:

Conversation No. 17-142

Date: January 2, 1972
Time: 12:39 pm - 12:48 pm
Location: White House Telephone

The President talked with Henry A. Kissinger.


                                      Tape Subject Log
                                        (rev. 10/06)

[See Conversation No. 311-41]

     Kissinger's schedule
          -Kissinger going to California with President
          -Kissinger returning to Washington, DC
          -Kissinger meeting on Laos
          -Kissinger and Gerard C. Smith to meet with President, January 3rd
          -Anatoliy F. Dobrynin
          -Submarine missiles
                -Total numbers
          -Anti-ballistic missiles [ABM] Treaty
          -Executive agreement
                -Possible concessions

     Laos and Cambodia
          -Duration of US air activities
          -Laos and Cambodia
          -Defense of Cambodia and Laos
                 -Degree of US commitment
          -Vietnam and Vietnamization
          -Defense of Cambodia
          -Tet offensive
          -Negotiations on Vietnam

     India and Pakistan
           -Movement of US carrier force
                             -American lives
                                   -Contingency planning
           -John Freeman's (former US ambassador to India) comment to Henry Brandon
                 -India's foreign policy concerning the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
                       [USSR] in 1967
                       -Role of US
           -Indira Gandhi's speech
                 -Unaggressive in nature

                            NIXON PRESIDENTIAL MATERIALS STAFF

                                         Tape Subject Log
                                           (rev. 10/06)

            -Future Indian foreign policy
                 -US aid
                       -Possible refusal by India
            -US public reaction

     Armed forces
               -Amnesty question
               -President's decision
                     -No action at present time
               -Prisoners of War [POWs]
               -US termination of Vietnam involvement
                     -Issue will then be dealt with
               -Robert A. Raft, Jr.’s amnesty resolution

     Situation room

                 -Long Tien [sp?] area
            -Defeat in January
            -Victory in July