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Conversation: 035-051

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Start Date: 2-Jan-1973 8:56 AM

End Date: 2-Jan-1973 9:03 AM


Nixon, Richard M. (President)Burger, Warren E.

Recording Device: White House Telephone


NARA Description:

On January 2, 1973, President Richard M. Nixon and Warren E. Burger talked on the telephone from 8:56 am to 9:03 am. The White House Telephone taping system captured this recording, which is known as Conversation 035-051 of the White House Tapes.

Nixon Library Finding Aid:

Conversation No. 35-51

Date: January 2, 1973
Time: 8:56 am - 9:03 am
Location: White House Telephone

The President talked with Warren E. Burger.

[See Conversation No. 829-24]

       New Year's greetings
           -Burger’s recent telephone call to the President

       Washington Redskins-Dallas Cowboys’ game
           -Problems of President's attendance
                 -University of Texas-University of Arkansas game (1969)
                      -Press and Secret Service
           -The President’s viewing on television [TV]
                 -Camp David

       Burger's schedule
            -Attendance at football games
            -Work on New Year’s Day

       The President's and Burger’s work habits

       Forthcoming Supreme Court decisions
             -Pornography [Miller v. California]
                  -Burger's position
                  -The President's compared to George E. Allen
                  -Time Inc. v. Hill
                        -Freedom of the press
                  -The President’s view
                        -Need for balance


                                    Tape Subject Log
                                      (rev. Oct.-07)

                                                             Conversation No. 35-51 (cont’d)

                      -16th century art
                            -Comparing to 20th century art
                      -Redeeming social purpose
                            -William J. Brennan, Jr.
                            -Origin of phrase
                            -Mention of Vietnam War, ghettos
           -Busing Cases
                -Possible legislation

      Supreme Court appointments
           -William H. Rehnquist
                 -Burger’s view
                 -Douglas MacArthur’s statement
                      -The President’s statement
                 -Harry A. Blackmun
                 -Lewis F. Powell, Jr.

      Congressional relations
                 -The President’s view
                       -Leslie C. Arends
                       -William B. Widnall
                       -The President’s view
                       -Age requirements
                              -Compared to the court system
                              -House of Representatives and Senate
                                   -First-time campaigns

[Begin segment reviewed under deed of gift]

           -Republican National Committee [RNC] chairman
                -George H. W. Bush
           -Senate campaign committee
                -William E. Brock III


                                       Tape Subject Log
                                         (rev. Oct.-07)

                                                             Conversation No. 35-51 (cont’d)

             -House campaign committee
                  -Clarence J. “Bud” Brown, Jr,
                        -Clarence J. Brown
             -Candidate recruitment

[End segment reviewed under deed of gift]

       1973 Inauguration
            -Inaugural procedures
                        -Burger’s conversation with Vice President Spiro T. Agnew
                        -The President's 1956 Vice Presidential Inauguration
                             -William Knowland
                             -The President’s compared to the Vice President