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Conversation: 037-045

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Start Date: 4-Mar-1973 11:22 AM

End Date: 4-Mar-1973 11:35 AM


Nixon, Richard M. (President)Rogers, William P.

Recording Device: White House Telephone


NARA Description:

On March 4, 1973, President Richard M. Nixon and William P. Rogers talked on the telephone from 11:22 am to 11:35 am. The White House Telephone taping system captured this recording, which is known as Conversation 037-045 of the White House Tapes.

Nixon Library Finding Aid:

Conversation No. 37-45

Date: March 4, 1973
Time: 11:22 am-11:35 am
Location: White House Telephone

The President talked with William P. Rogers.

       Vietnam settlement
             -Prisoners of War [POWs] release
             -Administration strategy

                    -Public statement by Rogers
                            -Defense Department
                    -North Vietnamese reaction
                    -Henry A. Kissinger
              -Economic aid to North Vietnam
                    -Congressional support
                    -John J. McFall
                    -President’s press conference
                    -William E. Timmons

       Sammy Davis, Jr.
            -Performance at the White House
                   -John F. Kennedy
                   -“Rat Pack”
                   -First Black in White House
            -Booker T. Washington
                                      - 31 -


                               Tape Subject Log
                                 (rev. Sept-09)

                                                        Conversation No. 37-45 (cont’d)

Sudan hostages [Black September]
              -Lowering of White House flags
              -Compensation to families
              -US policy on ransom
                      -Survey of Foreign Service
                      -Visit of President to State Department
                      -Tribute to victims
              -Burial of victims
                      -Arlington National Cemetery

              -Return of bodies
                       -William B. Macomber, Jr.
                       -Belgian body
       -Current situation
              -Terrorists surrendered
                       -Arab diplomats released
       -Development of plan for future incidents
                       -Cut off
              -Bargaining with terrorists
                       -Thomas E. Jarriel
                       -Sirhan Sirhan release
              -Task Force
              -Unpredictable locations
       -Attacks on Saudi Arabian embassy
              -Fedayeen in Jordan jail
                       -Hussein ibn Talal [Hussein, King of Jordan]
                               - 32 -


                        Tape Subject Log
                          (rev. Sept-09)

                                                  Conversation No. 37-45 (cont’d)

-President's visit to the State Department
                -Camp David
                -Maj. John V. (“Jack”) Brennan
                -President's visit to Defense Department
                         -Prisoners of War [POWs]
                -Delivery of bodies
       -President’s talk
       -Foreign Service Association

       -Armin H. Meyer
                 -Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI]
-Terrorists in Haiti
-Agency for International Development [AID] official
       -[Dwight] David Eisenhower, II
-Support for POWs and diplomats
-President's visit to the State Department
       -Press relations
       -President’s talk
                -Foreign service
                -Defense Department
                                                - 33 -

                            NIXON PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY

                                      Tape Subject Log
                                        (rev. Sept-09)