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Conversation: 765-001

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Start Date: 8-Aug-1972 10:11 AM

End Date: 8-Aug-1972 10:25 AM


Scott, HughFord, Gerald R.Cook, Richard K.Klein, Herbert G.Korologos, Thomas C.Nixon, Richard M. (President)

Recording Device: Oval Office


NARA Description:

On August 8, 1972, Hugh Scott, Gerald R. Ford, Richard K. Cook, Herbert G. Klein, Thomas C. Korologos, and President Richard M. Nixon met in the Oval Office of the White House from 10:11 am to 10:25 am. The Oval Office taping system captured this recording, which is known as Conversation 765-001 of the White House Tapes.

Nixon Library Finding Aid:

Conversation No. 765-1

Date: August 8, 1972
Time: 10:11 am - 10:25 am
Location: Oval Office

Hugh Scott, Gerald R. Ford, Richard K. Cook, Herbert G. Klein, and Thomas C. Korologos met.


       Ford's operation
             -Forthcoming visit to doctor

The President entered at 10:11 am.


                 -Defense of Republican program
                 -Attacks on George S. McGovern’s program
                        -Tax increases
                        -$1000 per person welfare proposal
                        -Defense cuts
                        -Increase in spending
                        -Tax increases
                        -Use of term “wreckonomics”
                        -Use of phrase “one thousand”
                              -Example of McGovern jokes in circulation
                                    -Imaginary message from McGovern to Israeli cabinet
            -Report on growth of economy
                 -Increases in peacetime jobs
                 -Decrease in jobs related to war
            -Food prices


                       Tape Subject Log
                         (rev. Nov-03)

      -Costs of McGovern's proposals
             -$1000 per person welfare proposal
                   -$1000 per person welfare proposal
                   -Spending ceiling
                   -Caspar W. (“Cap”) Weinberger
                   -Democratic platform
                   -$1000 per person welfare proposal
-Growth of economy
-Spending ceiling
      -Cost of Democratic platform
      -Cost of $1000 per person welfare proposal
-McGovern's proposals
      -Costs to taxpayer
-Spending ceiling
      -The President’s view
             -Possible tax increases
      -Senior citizens
      -Tax increases
-Impact of proposed Democratic budget on US economy
-Welfare costs
      -$1,000 per person welfare proposal
             -Increase of number on welfare
-Tone of public statements by both parties
      -R. Sargent Shriver
             -Scott’s view
      -Department of Health, Education, and Welfare [HEW] and Labor
      appropriations bill
             -Possible veto by the President
             -Spending ceiling
             -Possible veto


                                        Tape Subject Log
                                          (rev. Nov-03)

                                -Legal services
                                       -Jacob K. Javits
                     -Spending ceiling
                          -Wilbur D. Mills
                                -Support of spending ceiling
                                -Debt limitation

                -Situation in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
                      -George W. Romney’s forthcoming trip to Wilkes-Barre
                      -Milton J. Shapp

Scott et al left at 10:25 am.